Welcome to the home page of Open VEMIS - the vanuatu education planning toolbox!

Open VEMIS is your cloud-based personal assistant that works across your devices.

Open VEMIS is made in Vanuatu.

Please download this circular sent to all Provincial Education Officers regarding  Purchasing Education Software  which clearly states: Schools are requested to refrain from purchasing education management software.

About Open VEMIS

Open VEMIS is the Vanuatu Education Management Information System.  Open refers to transparency.

The Ministry of Education and Training represents:

  1. 26% of National Budget and close to 30% of all national commitments and expenditure.
  2. 50% of the public servants.
  3. Open VEMIS will record information on 1/3 of the Vanuatu population.

Open VEMIS is an initiative of the Vanuatu Minstry of Education and Training.  Open VEMIS is expected to grow substantially during 2017 and 2018, providing planning and management tools for the ministry, schools, regional offices and communities.

Open VEMIS uses a simplified architecture to enhance scalability, reliability and allow technology sharing with other Pacific Island Countries.  For this reason Open VEMIS does not require a mobile app.  Open VEMIS works on a standard phone broweser without requiring iPhone and Android apps.  Also, Open VEMIS will not have a dedicated mobile version.  Open VEMIS will provide dedicated small web pages if heavy phone or tablet use of a specific page is needed.

Any enquries,please contact the ICT Unit at MOET, Phone: +(678) 22309 or email  vemis.helpdesk@vanuatu.gov.vu